'Oh, all right,' said Bond resignedly. 'Now let's have a look at a photograph of this chap. Has the Superintendent got one?'

The door closed with a sharp click. Bond noticed Gold finger's hand slip casually below the table. He guessed that Oddjob was getting his signal. Signal for what?

“Not good, guys,” Luis called as he trotted back down. “That one’s dry, too.” He was gettingworried; he’d just tried to piss, and after four hours of sweating in 95-degree heat, it came outlooking like convenience-store coffee. “I think we should run for it.”
"I like Quarrel," said the girl. She paused, then, "Do you really want to know about me? It's not as exciting as your story."
"Scaramanga. Francisco Scaramanga. Labour relations. Ever heard of me?"

The other man sat quiet while Tiffy came out from behind the counter. She came over to the table and placed the tin tray with the bottles and glasses in front of Bond. She didn't look at Scaramanga. Scaramanga uttered a harsh bark of laughter. He reached inside his coat and took out all alligator-skin billfold. He extracted a hundred-dollar bill and threw it on the table. "No hard feelings, cool cat. You'd be okay if you didn't always keep your legs together. Go buy yourself some more birds with that. I like to have smiling people around me."
Make sure that your words, your tonality and yourgestures are all saying the same thing. Be on thelookout for incongruity in others. Notice how itmakes you feel.
He poured some more coffee into the glass and drank it down leaving brown corners to his mouth.
She laughed. 'Well, you know me and Violet, then there's Elizabeth Mackinnon. She's from Aberdeen. Beryl Morgan from somewhere in Herefordshire. Pearl Tampion, Devonshire - by the way, all those simply loathed every kind of cattle. Now they live on steaks! Would you believe it? I must say the Count's a wonderful man."
A PAIR OF FINE AND IMPORTANT RUBY AND DIAMOND BRACELETS, the front of each in the form of an elliptical cluster composed of one larger and two smaller rubies within a border of cushioned-shaped diamonds, the sides and back formed of simpler clusters alternating with diamond openwork scroll motifs springing from single-stone ruby centers millegriffe-set in gold, running between chains of rubies and diamonds linked alternately, the clasp also in the form of an elliptical cluster.
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